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Prioritybooks Publications LLC is a limited liability company dedicated to providing and publishing quality books and increasing the interest of reading to all generations through our many literary pursuits. Founded in 2004, Prioritybooks publishes inspirational, teen/young adult fiction, Christian, women, general interest fiction, and poetry. In addition, we offer book coaching services to those interested in learning the publishing process.

The number one reason people use Prioritybooks Publications service is to ensure the development of a quality product that can result in enhanced sales. The heart of effective publishing is expert know-how. People generally need to hear about a product or service repeatedly before purchasing. Prioritybooks Publications will ensure you receive top-quality service for all your publication needs. If you are not obtaining your publishing resources from Prioritybooks Publications, you are missing out on one of the most effective publishing services available.

Prioritybooks Publications is an independent full-service publishing company owned and operated by Rose Jackson-Beavers, an experienced writer and award-winning author of numerous books and other publications. Prioritybooks offers high-quality, cost-effective services to authors who want a company that can provide superior results. In addition, we offer many services to enhance your experience and to help you, as an author, present your work professionally.  She has published over forty authors, coached over 200 authors, and published over 100 books.

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