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The authors of Prioritybooks Publications appreciate your support and would be happy to attend your next book club meeting to discuss their book(s). If your are interested in meeting a Prioritybooks' author please send an email to info@priority The added advantage of inviting an author to your book club meeting is a 20 percent discount off the purchase of the author's book. Authors are available for chats, phone calls and interviews.

Rose Beavers Photo Rose Jackson-Beavers is the author of Backroom Confessions, Sumthin' T' Say and she co-authored A Hole in My Heart with Edward.  She can be reached at  
Edward Booker Photo Edward Booker is a teenager from East St. Louis, Illinois.  He is active in his church.  He enjoys playing basketball, working on his computer and hanging out with his friends. Edward is an avid reader and loves to write poetry.  He lives in East St. Louis with his family.  A Hole in My Heart is his first novel.
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Edna Patterson Petty photo  Edna J. Patterson-Petty is the co-author of Quilt Designs and Poetry Rhymes. She is a resident of East Saint Louis, Illinois. She is a graduate of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville with a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art/Fabric Design, and Art Therapy. Edna's art has been published in numerous books, catalogues and other media. Showings have continued in a number of galleries and museums internationally and in the U.S. Visit her website at:

Lydia M. Douglas is a Motivational Speaker with a desire to help others realize that they have a well of untapped resources, unfulfilled dreams, and desires within.  She is a member of the National Speakers Club Organization and is a certified member of the Toastmasters Club.  She speaks at area churches, schools, and youth meetings.
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Mary L. Wilson, author of Ghetto Luv. Mary is a hardworking mother who finds time to write after working an 8-5 job. Ghetto Luv is her first novel. Mary said that she has always loved to write and could not live without the written word. Whenever Mary visited our office she always has a book in hand and prefers reading new authors' work.
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Carletta D. Washington has more than eleven years working in public schools at the middle and high school in both large! and small districts as well as within the community. She is Founder & CEO of EDUCATION 4 ALL, INC., a nonprofit community outreach organization, started in January 2002. She is also the educational columnist for the Spanish Lake Word newspaper. Contact her at: or visit her web site at:
Ann Clay lives in Southern Illinois and enjoys reading, writing, crafts, and family time.  Ann began writing in 1999.  More Than A Bargain - published by Genesis Press is her debut novel, released in October 2004.  She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Missouri Chapter of Romance Writers of America.
Contact her at: or visit her web site at:

Brenda B. Matthews lives in St. Louis, MO where she is the pastors wife of Temple Church of Christ. She writes spiritual books and songs. She has an anointed teaching ministry and encourages everyone to fast, pray, meditate and walk in righteousness! Brenda Matthews is planning to publish her new book "If I Were A Man and Had A Wife". e-mail her at:

Sharen Casimere is a veteran teacher in the early childhood education field. She is a very spirit filled person that loves her work as a Developmentalist, working with Infants and Toddlers ranging from the age of 6 weeks to 18 months.  Ms. Casimere is providing children with a Head Start and leaving an everlasting experience for families by building high self esteem and confidence with love for every child in her care.
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Lady Bea Morgan is a first lady in Colorado.  This is her first book.
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e-mail her at:
Xavier Pierre Jr.  was born in Haiti and is a computer specialist. He started writing short stories as a means of sharing his life experiences. His writing was so powerful that readers were always asking to know the rest of the story. In addition to being a writer, Xavier is a gifted poet and photographer with a loyal following within a close-knit community of bloggers. email the author at: xavierpjr@gmail
Stanley Pitchford's Photo Stanley Pitchford is a college level Math Instructor who has a strong love for numbers.  Both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Mathematics.  He resides in St. Louis, Missouri.  An accomplished poet, this is his second novel.
You can e-mail him at:
Barbara Rykard Photo  Barbara Rykard lives in the Midwest with her husband, James.  Currently, she has another book in publication, entitled, Light Reading: Poetry for the Soul. You may email her at:Barbara Rykard <>.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Keisha Ervin is a prolific writer and devoted mother. Her success has drawn much deserved attention to herself and her hometown. She is the author of the National Best-Sellers Chyna Black, Me & My Boyfriend, Mina's Joint and Hold U Down, as well as the novel Torn and the short story After the Storm, featured in the Street Love anthology. She has just finished her first novella Finding Forever and is currently working on her sixth novel. Her e-mail address is:

Amanda Nabors lives in Central Alabama. She has a daughter. She enjoys writing poetry and songs and seeking the Heart of the Father. Website: TBA. You can e-mail her at:
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Kareem Tomblin, a.k.a., “Soojah” is currently incarcerated in a federal correction institution, located in Bennesville, South Carolina.  He has been incarcerated since 1992. He has never allowed his present confinement to stop him from accomplishing his dreams of bringing the ghetto gospel of truth to those who have eyes to read and ears to hear. Kareem lets readers know, in his first street story that the warning he is ultimately delivering is simple, whatever decision one chooses to make in life do it with wise direction. Because in this world of sin, motivated by dividends, one slip, or wrong turn could lead to Death, No Exceptions! Bottom Line.  View Kareem's special page by clicking here. Website is -

Rev. Lamkin Photo Rev. Renita Marie Lamkin has penned a powerful, spirit-led analysis of God's purpose for human sexuality. Sex, when pursued God's way can inevitably lead to a beautiful, enchanted union. However, there are many individuals who are hopelessly clinging to a negative viewpoint of intimacy due to traumas and taboos of their past. Holy Moly! The Spirituality of Sexuality encourages such individuals to endure its mind-altering analysis and poignant suggestions for achieving maximum sexual fulfillment God's way. Rev. Lamkin is an Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and shares the pastoral position with her husband Stephen. Between them they have three young adult children and one pre-teen.  This is her first book. Please email all inquires to:
Earl Austin Photo
 Earl Austin Jr. is the author of "The PHL in the STL" The Public High League: A St. Louis Basketball Legacy. A resident of Ferguson, Mo., Austin is the sports editor of the St. Louis American, one of the leading black newspapers in the country. Earl has been covering sports in the St. Louis metropolitan area for 22 years. He is also a local sports historian who is a frequent guest on local radio and television talk shows. He has written two books on local high school sports history. You can contact Earl at:
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