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Bottled Up Inside Cover
Bottled Up Inside
Rose Jackson-Beavers  

Caught in the Net of Deception
Rose Jackson-Beavers
Edward Booker
 Destruction Via the Mirror Cover
Destruction Via
the Mirror
Stanley Pitchford
Destruction via
The Mirror Image II

Stanley Pitchford
Death, No Exceptions
Kareem Tomblin
Eclectic Soul
Barbera Rykard
 Book cover
Finding Forever
Keisha Ervin
 Holy Moly Book cover
Holy Moly
Rev. Renita Marie Lamkin
   Priceless Book Cover

Ann Clay
Reaching Higher Heights
 Lydia M. Douglas
   Still Ghetto Cover
Still Ghetto
Mary L. Wilson
Sweet Whispers of Love Divine
Amanda Nabors
Sumthin' T' Say
Rose Jackson-Beavers
 Taking Care of Business Cover
Taking Care of Business
Lydia M. Douglas
The PHL in the STL
Earl Austin Jr.
 Book Cover
You Might Need a Jacket
Earl Austin Jr.
Obama Cover
The Obama Phenomenon
Ray A. Coleman
Obama Cover
You Might Need A Jacket II
Earl Austin Jr

Mind Speaking Out Loud

Teresa Skinner

A Sinners Cry

Rose Jackson-Beavers

Prima Donna / The Way It Is.

Keisha Ervin Feat. Cat Eyez

Escape From A Nightmare

Stephanie Acon

Lady Bea Morgan - The Extension

Lady Bea Morgan