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Title: You Might Need a Jacket

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Author: Earl Austin Jr.


 Book Detail: Coming in August 
You Might Need a Jacket - 
Behind every successful, young athlete, there is a highly-motivated parent obsessed with the idea of their son or daughter becoming a big sports’ star. Earl Austin, Jr.’s latest book, You Might Need a Jacket: Hilarious Stories of Wacky Sports Parents, is dedicated to those mothers and fathers and other loved ones who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their children’s success in the athletic arena. Way, way beyond.

This delightful book contains nearly two hundred stories and little anecdotes, chronicling the activities of “Straitjacket Parents,” which is the term created to describe these overzealous sports’ parental units. Some of these stories may be hard to believe, but they are all true. They range from the funny and cute to the strange and truly bizarre. Most of them are of the humorous nature, but others take on a more ominous tone.

Author Information:
Earl Austin Jr. - In twenty-two years of covering amateur sports in the St. Louis area, Austin has virtually seen it all from the sidelines and now he is sharing some of those funny stories with you in his new publication. Be ready to laugh out loud. He is the author of "The PHL in the STL" The Public High League: A St. Louis Basketball Legacy. A resident of Ferguson, Mo., Austin is the sports editor of the St. Louis American, one of the leading black newspapers in the country. Earl has been covering sports in the St. Louis metropolitan area for 22 years. He is also a local sports historian who is a frequent guest on local radio and television talk shows. He has written two books on local high school sports history. You can contact Earl at:

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