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Title: Lady Bea Morgan
The Extension

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Author: Lady Bea Morgan

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Book Detail: In Lady Bea Morgan’s Memoir, The Pastor’s Wife Does Cry, Pastor Claxton William Morgan, along with the church members, took her on a ride of a lifetime. Those rocks, bumps, pot holes and hills taught Lady Bea to fast and pray intensely.

The Extension shares how her prayer life and ministry originated. Through her tough times and abuse, you are bound to laugh and cry in the same sentence while being enlightened with God’s word.
Lady Bea shares her techniques to create strategic prayer warriors, form fasting committees, save churches, ministries, marriages and families. She wants you to hear directly from the Lord; her secret is inside. With her warnings, you don’t have to experience her wilderness unless God places you there! She has God-given parables to bless your ministry! She proves that God prepares us for ministry through misery without us realizing it.

Lady Bea Morgan, An Extension of “The Pastor’s Wife Does Cry,” will tighten your relationship with Jesus, heighten your prayers, cause you to intercede for every leader, increasing your faith to believe that your prayers will be heard and answered in God’s own time!

Author Information:
Lady Bea Morgan is a first lady in Colorado.  This is her first book.
Contact her at: or e-mail her at:

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