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Title: Taking Care of Business
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Author: Lydia M. Douglas


Book Detail:
Taking Care of Business
the third book from author Lydia M. Douglas, asks the question "Is your family prepared to handle your estate once you depart from this world." Have you mapped out your preferred funeral and burial plans? Morbid as it sounds, taking care of these business matters, immediately, will significantly offset the indecisiveness and confusion that is bound to occur when tragedy strikes. Based on her own experiences, Lydia points out the various tasks you have the power to complete now to alleviate a significant amount of the stress at the time of your unfortunate passing. This book is a must read for families.

Author Information:

Lydia M. Douglas is a Motivational Speaker with a desire to help others realize that they have a well of untapped resources, unfulfilled dreams, and desires within.  She is a member of the National Speakers Club Organization and is a certified member of the Toastmasters Club.  She speaks at area churches, schools, and youth meetings.
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