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Title: Prima Donna / The way it is.

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Keisha Ervin
Feat. Cat Eyez


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Prima Donna

Shakespeare once wrote “All the world’s a stage, and the men and women are merely players.” Each day, dozens of people put on facades to cover up the unhappiness in their lives. McKinley is one of those people. Each day she drapes her body in exquisite clothing and jewelry, and she plays the role of the beautiful, privileged woman, with the boyfriend, Jamil, who caters to her financial and physical needs. However, as the curtain of night drops and McKinley removes her veneer, she’s left alone with the realization that the only thing that is constant in her life are Jamil’s empty promises. As empty as those promises are, McKinley finds comfort in them and in the dangerous lifestyle Jamil lives. But how patient can a prima donna be, and how long can she play her role?

The way it is.

In the streets, where “thuggin” and “criminal” activity is certainly the norm, damn near anything goes including children disrespecting parents in the name of possessing this I GOTTA DO WHAT I GOTTA DO type of mentality. Derrick Bellamy was no exception. In his quest to get him, his mother, and little brother out the hood, he sold coke as an avenue that put him in direct company with a big time drug game king name “Fat Jerome.”
When Derrick’s girlfriend introduced two hustlers to each other and they began making money, she never dreamed that trouble was looming not far away.

Author Information:
Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Keisha Ervin is a prolific writer and devoted mother. Her success has drawn much deserved attention to herself and her hometown. She is the author of the National Best-Sellers Chyna Black, Me & My Boyfriend, Mina's Joint and Hold U Down, as well as the novel Torn and the short story After the Storm, featured in the Street Love anthology. She has just finished her first novella Finding Forever and is currently working on her sixth novel. Click here to view Keisha's MySpace. You can e-mail her at:

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