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Title: Priceless

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Author: Ann Clay


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Priceless - Ann Clay returns with the sexy, romantic story of two lives destined to unite despite their opposing backgrounds. Keisha McKenzie-Logan, a young professional, happy in her singleness, and passionate about her community finds herself caught up by standards she and her peers have decided would be the ideal mate for someone of her stature.  However, when she finds herself smitten by the likes of the handsome security guard, Wendell Russell, her crusade to resist him becomes a battle she ultimately loses when she learns that everything is not always what it seems. Wendell Russell at one time struggled to remain on the right side of the law. Coming from an abusive home, he grew up on the wrong side of the city and dabbled in the streets before questioning his worth.  He vows to become a better man and endeavors to save troubled boys from a life of self-destruction. Not until after a near tragic incident, will Keisha and Wendell discover the depth of their electrifying connection, a connection Keisha can no longer resist.

Author Information:
Ann Clay lives in Southern Illinois and enjoys reading, writing, crafts, and family time.  Ann began writing in 1999.  More Than A Bargain - published by Genesis Press is her debut novel, released in October 2004.  She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Missouri Chapter of Romance Writers of America.
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