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Title: Destruction Via the Mirror Image

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Author: Stanley Pitchford


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Destruction Via the Mirror Image - Stanley Pitchford's book is about twelve astronauts picked to explore outer space in hopes of finding a discovery interesting to mankind. Once in space, they encounter a creature on the ship. This creature is so hard to figure out that they must find the monster’s weakness in order to destroy it.  On this space exploration, lives are sacrificed, passion and romance erupts while blackmail attempts surface.  Author Stanley Pitchford weaves an interesting and unique science fiction novel that explores outer space and shows what can happen when we attempt to address the unknown universe.

Author Information:
Stanley Pitchford is a college level Math Instructor who has a strong love for numbers.  Both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Mathematics.  He resides in St. Louis, Missouri.  An accomplished poet, this is his second novel.
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