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Death, No Exceptions

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Author: Kareem Tomblin


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Death, No Exceptions is a story of uncompromising revenge. The story is not an attempt to glorify the street way of life, but to paint a picture to readers about how far some human beings will go to hurt and harm others over “material things” that’s here today and gone tomorrow – like coke and cash…. Tomblin wanted to show just how much damage and pain an individual can cause when he/she is being motivated by the negative spirit of uncompromising revenge.

Author Information:
Kareem Tomblin, a.k.a., “Soojah” is currently incarcerated in a federal correction institution, located in Bennesville, South Carolina.  He has been incarcerated since 1992. He has never allowed his present confinement to stop him from accomplishing his dreams of bringing the ghetto gospel of truth to those who have eyes to read and ears to hear. Kareem lets readers know, in his first street story that the warning he is ultimately delivering is simple, whatever decision one chooses to make in life do it with wise direction. Because in this world of sin, motivated by dividends, one slip, or wrong turn could lead to Death, No Exceptions! Bottom Line.  View Kareem's special page by clicking here. Website is -

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