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The "number one" reason millions of people use a publication service  is to ensure the development of a quality product that results in enhanced sales. Why not take advantage of that? If you aren't obtaining your publishing resources from Prioritybooks, you're missing out on one of the most effective forms of publishing services available! The heart of effective publishing is expert know-how. People generally need to hear about your product or service over and over again before they make a decision to purchase. PriorityBooks Publications will ensure that you receive top quality service for all your publication needs.

What Is PriorityBooks Publications?
Our business is owned and operated by Rose Jackson-Beavers, an experienced writer and author of numerous books and other publications. After searching for sources to assist in publishing her products, it was decided that she could provide the superior service needed for her products. This service is now available to you. See our Services page to get a better picture of the resources available to you from PriorityBooks Publications.

We are a small full service company. We offer high quality, cost-effective services to authors who are looking for a company that provides superior personal services. We will work closely with the author to assure that you are satisfied with you book.  In addition we offer a variety of services to enhance your experience and to help you present your work in a professional manner.  These resources include: 

  • Targeted marketing services

  • Press Kits

  • Press release

  • Book Tours

  • Book Signings

  • Editing

  • Interior book designs

Why Use Prioritybooks Publications?

1. Our goal is to assist you in publishing your work.

2. Our focus is to develop a clear understanding of your product, it's capabilities, and the potential and added value of your future product.

3. Prioritybooks provides a free estimate of your publications needs and will work closely with you to keep costs at a minimum while keeping quality in mind. We know that if we create and foster a favorable impression of our services, you will pass the word to others.

4. We concentrate on building strong relationships with our customers through our expertise and credibility in the publications field.

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